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Gatekeeper, Creator And Craftsman Of Knowledge

Pauline Chee, Deputy Editor, Chartered Accountants Lab

Meet some of the 100 minds shaping ISCA’s future. Each staff, with his/her unique skills and perspectives, contributes to the collective effort. This series shares insights into some of the day-to-day happenings at ISCA House. Read on and stay tuned for more. 

“Before CA Lab, there was the IS Chartered Accountant Journal, an award-winning publication that members are familiar with. I started my career with ISCA working on that Journal before venturing into other roles. I remember when the Journal went digital in 2015 as part of ISCA’s ongoing efforts to embrace sustainable business practices, many members still preferred to read from a printed copy. I had to reassure them that they would enjoy the same good content but with more interesting features that were not possible with the print version.

Years have since passed, and members have embraced digitalisation and developed more sophisticated media consumption habits. However, given how quickly technology is advancing, we realised that the ISCA Journal platform we had would not meet the future needs of our members. So, last December, we bid farewell to the ISCA Journal and developed CA Lab, a dynamic content hub offering diverse media channels spanning articles, infographics, podcasts, videos and more. The platform caters to professional accountants, who get to enjoy an immersive experience with timely updates, insightful perspectives and captivating visuals, all easily accessible on one platform.

I am happy to share that since its launch in January this year, CA Lab has received a lot of good feedback, and readership numbers have tripled, compared to the ISCA Journal’s readership numbers!

Please check out CA Lab if you haven’t already done so. And, you must tune in to our podcasts in “CA Listen: Sparkling Conversations”. It is a series of captivating podcasts featuring interesting speakers and diverse topics, which foster engaging dialogues.

As deputy editor, my responsibility centres on shaping the CA Lab content hub for professional accountants and ensuring that they have the knowledge they need to thrive in an ever-changing landscape. My role is that of a gatekeeper, curator, and craftsman of knowledge as I collaborate closely with various stakeholders who are industry experts, thought leaders and practitioners, to understand emerging trends and challenges. Through these partnerships, I harness collective expertise to deliver timely, insightful and actionable content that empowers professional accountants to navigate complexities and drive success in their professional journey.

My aspiration for CA Lab is for it to become an evolving, indispensable platform that engages, inspires and shares knowledge, fostering continuous learning and professional growth.”

Meet Sally Leong, ISCA’s non-traditionalist HR professional.

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