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CA Listen Sparkling Conversations Episode 5: Decoding Deception in Forensics and Films

Join Belinda Tan, ISCA Financial Forensics Accounting Oversight Committee (FFAOC) Chair and Lem Chin Kok (immediate past Chair of FFAOC) in their conversations as they speak from their personal experiences and recount fascinating cases, diving into the wonders of financial forensics as they also share their favourite films to wind down after a long day at work. 

Find out if some behavioural psychology portrayed in films are exactly what they experienced in their work. 

42:04 min listen
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CA Listen Sparkling Conversations Episode 4: Financial Reporting – Past, Present and Future

Join IASB Chair Andreas Barckow and ISCA FRC Chair Chen Voon Hoe as they concur and opine about AI and cryptocurrency, and how the interpretation and application of accounting standards will not be taken over by AI, given the need to exercise professional judgement. 

30:08 min listen
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CA Listen Sparkling Conversations Episode 3: Flexi, The Future Of Work

Three young accountants discuss about the pros and cons of current flexible working arrangements in their organisations, and what are some considerations for employers and employees in the upcoming changes.

This podcast is hosted by Maria Teo, Associate Director, CLA Global TS Risk Advisory, with guest speakers Angelique Teo, Commercial Finance Manager, Kenvue, and Malcolm See, Senior Finance Director, Fosun Hive. 

34:44 min listen
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CA Listen: Sparkling Conversations Episode 2: Is there a secret handshake in the boardroom that only men know about?

Hear from Seah Gek Choo as she shares about how we can promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) for women on board, various sponsorship and mentorship initiatives available for women, and if there's a secret handshake that only men know about. 

This podcast is hosted by Victor Lai, Principal Consultant, CitadelCorp with Guest Speaker Seah Gek Choo, Boardroom Programme Leader of Deloitte Southeast Asia and Singapore.

26:17 min listen
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CA Listen: Sparkling Conversations Episode 1: Most accountants draw conclusions from numbers. Some just draw.
Meet Yip Yew Chong. A unique accountant, to say the least. One who has mixed on a single palette, the power of numbers and the beauty of art. Hear him describe the blend of interests and career choice that took him from kiddy pursuits of doodling with crayons, to the study of science and engineering, and finally to a 25-year career in accounting. And now he’s dreaming of an opportunity to make films. Talk about the kaleidoscope of life experiences!
30:14 min listen
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What do men think about the empowerment of women?

Join three chartered accountants - Victor, Bing Yi and Emersius - as they mark International Women’s Day in their unique way – by sharing how they are allies to women, appreciating and supporting the growth and empowerment of women in their family and in the society.

This podcast is hosted by Victor Lai, Principal Consultant, CitadelCorp with Guest Speakers Emersius Lau, APAC Sr Financial Accountant, Netflix and Lee Bing Yi, Partner, Financial Services Assurance, Sustainability and Climate Change, PwC.

39:39 min listen
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2024 Outlook
Selena Ling shares insights on the outlook of 2024 after Singapore’s economy grew faster than expected in the final quarter of 2023, with the manufacturing sector finally returning to growth.

Selena Ling - Chief Economist & Head, Global Markets Research & Strategy, OCBC

3:43 min listen
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Difference Makers Discuss Live: Accountants For Sustainability With Maria Teo
A story of the power of perseverance and ambition, Maria Teo offers valuable advice for budding accountants interested in making a significant impact in their field. With a unique perspective on the crucial role accountants play in promoting sustainability, this episode is an exciting opportunity to gain knowledge about the crucial role accountants play.

Maria Teo - Associate Director, Sustainability and Climate Change Lead, CLA Global TS Risk Advisory Pte Ltd

36 min listen
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Social Entrepreneurship – The Future Of Work For The People Sector
Hear from Prof Ang on how to build social entrepreneurship capabilities in the people sector to better prepare the sector for the complex issues of the present and future.

Professor Ang Hak Seng, Director, Centre of Excellence for Social Good and Head, Master of Social Entrepreneurship

Centre of Excellence for Social Good, S R Nathan School of Human Development

21:49 min listen
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Difference Makers Discuss LIVE
Part 1 Crisis Leadership and Gender Equality
Ever wondered what it’s like to step into a new role just before a global crisis strikes?

Caroline Sherry, the CFO of Hostelworld PLC, who did just that

35:39 min listen
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X-Teams: Three Principles to Guide Today’s Leaders
Reimagine how we build and lead teams in today’s VUCA world on steroids

Henrik Bresman, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD

31:51 min listen
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What Businesses Can Learn From Humanitarian Operations
Navigating uncertain and dynamic environments and overcoming resource and information scarcity are nothing new to humanitarian organisations. In the past, humanitarian organisations have benefited from adapting best practices from the commercial sector, but businesses can also gain insights from how humanitarian organisations operate in extreme conditions

Luk Van Wassenhove, Emeritus Professor of Technology and Operations Management and academic director of the INSEAD Humanitarian Research Group (HRG)

34:23 min listen
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