Be Patient And Adaptable; Develop Relationships

TAKEAWAYS As the Chapter Chairperson of ISCA, I am deeply honoured and eager to share my experiences and insights. In this role, I represent not only our organisation but also the interests and voices of a broad community of accountancy professionals. As a professional accountant, my experience in conducting business overseas has enriched my career. […]

Section 10L: Foreign To You?

TAKEAWAYS “For the purpose of Section 10L of the ITA, the tax residency of the lender will determine whether the loan is situated outside Singapore; how the loan is recognised in the borrower’s books is irrelevant. For example, if a loan is given by a company which is tax resident in a jurisdiction outside Singapore, […]

The Future Of AI In Accounting

TAKEAWAYS In recent years, the accounting sector in Singapore and around the world has seen significant transformations largely driven by advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies. As these tools become more integrated into accounting practices, they promise substantial changes in how accountants work and deliver value. While businesses are gradually integrating AI into […]