Social Impact Bond

TAKEAWAYS In my previous article, published in the October issue of this journal, I had proposed the use of social bonds as part of social investment for the People sector. Social innovation for the People sector is a necessary step for the next stage of progress for this sector as it helps the sector to become […]

Restructuring Charities (Part 2)

BY PROFESSOR ANG HAK SENG TAKEAWAYS In my previous article, published in the September issue of this journal, I examined the driving forces behind the evolution of the social sector. They can be summarised into four points, namely the changing expectations as a result of the change in Singapore’s demographics, resource scarcity caused by the high cost […]

Restructuring Charities (Part 1)

TAKEAWAYS In the recent Singapore conversation on building a new social compact, there was emphasis on the need for a mindset shift which extends beyond people, towards government and communities doing more to help. For this to take place, charities need to be a key pillar of support. From the conversation, key changes, such as […]

Social Entrepreneurship: ESG For Charities (Part 2)

TAKEAWAYS In Part 1 of this article, published in the February issue, I explained the 3Ws of ESG for Charities. To recap, ESG is a framework that has been popularised the world over by corporates but in recent times, it has become a hot topic of discussion within the People sector. As charities embark on their […]

Social Entrepreneurship: ESG For Charities (Part 1)

TAKEAWAYS In the past few decades, ESG’s rise to prominence has been tremendous. Coined in 2004, the concept has gained widespread acceptance around the globe. Within the private sector, ESG practices have been widely adopted by companies that are often required to do so at the behest of their stakeholders, such as investors and customers. […]