Sustainability for the Healthcare Sector

TAKEAWAYS There is a paradox that healthcare products and services benefit people, yet the provision of healthcare services inevitably emits greenhouse gases (GHG). The delivery of healthcare services directly and indirectly contributes to GHG emissions through energy consumption as well as value chain activities from product manufacturing to transportation and distribution, water usage and end-of-life […]

At The Inflection Point of Sustainability Reporting

TAKEAWAYS The need for immediate and drastic climate action grows ever more urgent. As a grim reminder of what is at stake, the month of July 2023 saw a spate of deadly heatwaves and wildfires across Europe, which are among other extreme weather events that experts have attributed to climate change. The Paris Agreement was […]

Strategic Planning and Balance Scorecard (Part 2)

TAKEAWAYS The first article of the series, published in the June issue of this journal, discussed what strategic planning is and introduced the Balance Scorecard (BSC) for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and startups. In this second article, we discuss how companies can implement a BSC and share some tips for the successful implementation of strategies from […]

Digitalisation and Sustainability in Foodservice

TAKEAWAYS In the near term, foodservice players need to navigate such challenges as higher costs of borrowing, labour and ingredients. As post-COVID-19 dining adjusts to new economic realities, foodservice players should keep abreast of changing consumer preferences. This may include easy cooking at home in lieu of out-of-home dining to save on costs. For others, […]

Strategic Planning and Balance Scorecard (Part 1)

TAKEAWAYS What does strategy mean for companies? Put simply, strategy is as much about making choices as it is about taking action to achieve long-term business goals. In practice, the process of formulating a strategy begins with decision-makers gaining a clear understanding of the current situation, envisioning what is possible, and devising a plan to […]

Making Sense of Sustainability Reports

TAKEAWAYS It is widely recognised that there is no single universally accepted definition of sustainability. For example, the United Nations describes business sustainability as “conducting operations in a manner that meets existing needs, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs and has regard to the impacts that the business operations have on the […]

Understanding Sustainable Infrastructure

TAKEAWAYS Sustainable infrastructure development has emerged as an important pillar in the effort to support Singapore’s push to become a greener city. Creating sustainable infrastructure requires a whole-of-society effort and, with the right knowledge, accountants, too, can make a significant impact. In September 2022, Singapore further refined its sustainability goals and is now considering a national […]